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    I don’t personally give a shit whether or not the gentleman from New York took a picture of his underweared crotch or...
  3. xoxosweetheart said: Sounds to me like someone maybe has a small penis, maybe realizes there are witnesses to aforementioned small penis, but kinda likes the idea of people thinking he might have more of a jumbo than mini me. Or he’s just having some fun with a scandal.
  4. shortformblog said: I watched the entire clip, and your quote, which isn’t in there, seems misleading to me. I think the point he’s making is that it’s entirely possible a photo of him was photoshopped and he’s merely hedging his bets.
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    As someone who has seen my own penis several times a day, every day for the last 26 years, there’s no way I could look...
  6. sweatshorts said: I generally love Weiner, but he is doing an awful job handling this. And Maddow could have asked a much more revealing (no pun intended) question: “Did you take this photo?”
  7. falconieri said: I think he is starting to drop the ball.
  8. sazerac said: That quote does not appear in this interview. Or are you paraphrasing? In which case, drop ye olde quote marks.
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    This gets a big old:...
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    Oh for fuck’s sake….
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