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    Buen resumen del nuevo iPad.
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  4. amandaclay said: iPad2 owner. Not upgrading yet.
  5. drowningwhispers said: I’d like to have the New iPad.
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  8. momentomoment said: No, don’t need it and it’s too expensive.
  9. sebastianmueller said: Not a current iPad owner and will definitely get one!
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    I would love to get a new iPad. I have the first one, 16GB wi-fi only. I use it all day long, every day. It has served...
  11. squarescape said: no siri, no purchase. i was waiting for siri functionality…now i will wait for iphone 5. i still can’t think of one thing i really ‘need’ an iPad for that my iPhone already does.
  12. hollywoodkote said: I don’t have a tablet and I won’t be getting this one. I might get an older one for a better deal at some point.
  13. medeaeva said: I’m waiting for Win8!
  14. theworldaccordingtoevie said: No. 1: I have a smartphone 2: I have a laptop 3: I have a Kindle Fire
  15. 909miles said: I preordered the new iPad yesterday as soon as I could. It’s my first one. I waited until it had the features I was looking for, namely the upgrades to the camera and the display. I! AM! SO! EXCITED!
  16. pialuta said: I have the first iPad and I still love it. So not yet.
  17. jonprins said: Not planning on it. Just got my iPad2 four months ago. One of the few things that could have convinced me to upgrade so soon would have been an electrostatic haptic feedback screen!
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  20. sirensighs said: I just got an iPad 2 for Christmas and as much as I love the new one, I feel that this one is sufficient for my needs. I’ll definitely wait a while to upgrade.
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  22. eoporto said: Keeping my 6month old 2
  23. jesuispetitpain said: What I’m actually guna do is go and buy an iPad 2 as soon as the new one comes out because it will be cheaper :)
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  25. chartier said: I’ve bought both iPads and ordered an iPad 3, partly for work, but partly because I really like this sort of reboot of computing. So it’s partly a business expense, but it fits into a lot of what I want to do personally as well.
  26. thatisawesome said: i sold my iPad 2 on amazon 2 months ago. i’ll get the new iPad.
  27. nslayton said: I still find tablets a relatively unnecessary thing, especially if you have a laptop. Also, the constant “oooh, I finally got it, what, there’s a new one coming out next month? Forget this” mentality scary.
  28. thetellersoundsthealarm said: why bother? in six months there will be a new one.
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    Tumblr’s being a brat about me replying, for some reason, so here is my response: I would be interested in the 3, after... a Top Solar Power Blog / Distance & Local Moving Companies